North Réunion Intercommunal Tourist Office

The major areas

“From the clapper of the blades to the top of the mountains”, the Beau Pays is the territory of large estates preserving their intimacy: beautiful Creole houses to be admired from just the end of long avenues of palm trees, crossing fields of cane with flowers dancing in the breeze ocean.

Grand Hazier plantation

In Sainte-Suzanne, visit the Grand Hazier vanilla plantation to experience this very special atmosphere.

Domaine du Moka

 On Sainte-Marie, stop for lunch (by reservation) at the Domaine du Moka , which will allow you to appreciate the exceptional view and the richness of the more than century-old Creole garden. With a little luck the owner of the place will show you the stables and other captivating elements.

Domaine Beaubassin

 A small detour through the Mare district, cradle of the sugar empire of the Chateauvieux family, and the church in the city center as well as the small chapel - listed as a Historic Monument, will tell you about Anne MOUSSE, grandmother of all Reunion Islanders. If Mille Aventures offers extraordinary entertainment and activities (zip line, photo safari, etc.) that are very respectful of the environment and limits access to the area, it is because it must also respect your peace and quiet and the beauty of the area. moment of your privileged journey on the Creole roads.

 in Saint-Denis, the large houses are associated with famous family names (Deramond-Barre, Foucque, etc.) and house museums or administrations, they are visible from the street and often display an explanatory panel on their front: a discovery trail which you can do on foot, or by stopping along line 11 -Citalis bus. Some estates are accessible in the city center (that of the Chaudron with the windmill, Château Morange, etc.) or a little higher up (Domaine de Beau Bassin where you will be welcomed for guided tours by the owner).