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The Vanilla Islands

The Vanilla Islands bring together 6 islands in the Indian Ocean

The reputation of these islands at the end of the world has probably already crossed the ocean to reach you. They are exceptional, each in their own field. The Anse Mourouk kite surf spot in Rodrigues, the quality of Mauritian hotel service, the UNESCO classification of the Tsingy Madagascar national park, the granite rock of the Seychelles…. All these strong particularities make the Vanilla Islands terribly attractive.



If Mauritius is the closest island to Reunion (25 minutes flight!), it is also one of the most expensive air connections in the world: Allow €300 for 200 km… You will appreciate the Anglo-American atmosphere on site. Saxon and Indian, inherited from the Commonwealth. The Grand Bay region attracts purists who love large, pristine, heavenly spaces and sugar cane fields as far as the eye can see. The west coast is renowned for the quality of its golf courses. To enjoy a preserved space, choose Prince Maurice. For a romantic setting, prefer Ile au Cerf. Know that if Mauritius offers such beautiful lagoons, ’it’s because ’it’s much “older”, geologically, than its sister La Reunion!




Further on, Rodrigues seduces with the beauty of its people. The smile of the inhabitants shines from every street corner. A Rodriguan stay invites you to disconnect, very gently. This does not prevent you from trying kite-surfing, t the zourit fishing (octopus which hides in the coral, and which is fished by hand), or even renting a scooter to cross the island through and through!



Premiere Luxury destination,staying “apart”. Even if an air connection makes it accessible to Reunion Islanders twice a week, few of us have set foot on Seychellois soil. If you may have the opportunity to make this trip, remember to bring back a coco-butt! The sale of its flesh brings in 100 dollars/Kg!!!

Les Seychelles


The Perfume Island. Mayotte oscillates between so many cultures that it is impossible to summarize it in a paragraph. There, we don’t sell “banana”, but “150 species” of banana! Immerse yourself in the sound and colorful atmosphere of the markets and enjoy your skewers in local fashion, in a squatting position. On the lagoon side, the island offers splendid diving spots to meet sea turtles. Finally, Mayotte would not be Mayotte without its ylang-ylang plantations whose flowers, which are only harvested early in the morning, adorn the coat of arms.




She deserves all the superlatives. It is the 5th largest island in the world, behind Australia, Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. This island has two exceptional natural sites enough to be listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve, and the Atsinanana Humid Forests. However,it’s now obvious that the wealth of its soils is inversely proportional to the wealth of its population. The Malagasy people often spark admiration through their ingenuity and positivism. Staying on the Big Island provokes questions about the necessary and helpfull. We invite you to have your own experience.