North Réunion Intercommunal Tourist Office

At the fairground market, what an atmosphere!

You cannot fully appreciate La Reunion without diving into the heart of the Creole art of living by immersing yourself in the aisles of a fairground market. Smells, expressions, colors... exoticism encompasses you and takes you far from your habits.

And you leave delighted with your purchases of spices, fabrics, tasty fruits and vegetables. Finally, I know some people who run to these places and never leave!




  • Spices: Nutmeg, cinnamon, kaffir lime, colombo, cloves, coriander, bird peppers, martin peppers, turmeric, masala, ginger
  • Fruits: Coconut, mangoes, lychees, longanis, pineapple, passion fruit, guavas, papayas, peaches, avocados, melons, watermelons, jacques
  • Vegetables: Chouchoux, bredes, tomatoes, pinpins, beans, lentils, onions, palm kernels, sweet potatoes
  • Coup de Pouce: Preparation for chop suey, preparation for pickles, beaten jacques, crushed cassava, preparation for “rhum arrangé».
  • Religion: Pious images, crosses, rosaries, virgins filled with holy water, straw hat for pilgrimages, incense
  • Well-being: Gout herbal tea, Fatigue herbal tea, Bone Pain herbal tea, Eczema herbal tea, Cleans the Blood herbal tea
  • Meetings: Chinese, Malabars, Kaffirs, Z'Arabs, Zoreils, Malagasy, Comorians, Yabs
  • Crafts: Braided vacoa bags, jewelry, Malagasy tablecloths, djembes, pestles, pots, abacus, bertels, statuettes



  • Pickles : Spicy fresh vegetable salad.
  • Bertels : Braided vacoa bags that are worn on the shoulders.
  • Brèdes : Designate the tender leaves of certain plants