North Réunion Intercommunal Tourist Office

The 3 bancs Belvedere by day, by night, as a couple...

Very easy to access, “les 3 bancs” -the 3 benches site- is situated in the middle of the mountain ramps. In just a few minutes, you overlook the capital! A landscape reading table points out the main monuments of the city, some easily identifiable with the naked eye such as the Mosque, the Cathedral bell tower, and the Town Hall.

This natural site is generous with diverse and varied shows and potential, depending on the time you go there.



Time stands still, a thousand colors spectale! The Indian Ocean offers an incredible palette of blues: overseas, turquoise, blue-green, navy... Nature does things well. Your extended gaze to the airport, and you even see the smoke from the Bois Rouge factory far away.


On the mountain side, you observe the progression of urbanization on the slopes of Bellepierre, Saint-François, Bretagne and Beaumont les Hauts in Sainte-Marie. Above the houses, at the very top, the summits are still covered with vegetation. Let's hope they going to stay that way..

Fans of heritage and history, the famous checkerboard plan drawn by Guyomar in 1742 appears without difficulty. The streets intersect at right angles, some streets oriented north-south, such as rue Royale (current rue de Paris), and others east-west, such as rue du Grand Chemin (current rue du Maréchal Leclerc).



Around 7 p.m., the hectic pace of the city slows down and calms down. The lights of the city then take over and transport you to a romantic setting. You will enjoy this moment, ideally positioned on the Site des 3 Bancs, above the urban hustle and bustle.

Lovers of night photos, the site is ideal. Consider using your tripod to set your camera to slow aperture and thus fix on the image those famous red or white streaks caused by vehicle headlights, which give so much style to night photos! You probably won't be alone.



Many young people from La Reunion meet on the 3 Bancs, out of sight. Some choose the time of sunrise, and others prefer the gentleness of dusk. Finally, others go there during their lunch break, with their “container” of curry, to have lunch there. What if you organized a little romantic aperitif on site? It would be a nice surprise for your other half. You could prepare everything and discreetly slip the cooler into your car trunk, or, for special occasions, arrange for the intervention of a caterer specializing in small quantities, like Home cooking reunion. After declaring your love, remember to take your waste home! It's unglamorous to remember it, but it's even less glamorous to forget to save this lovely place.