North Réunion Intercommunal Tourist Office

The call of the great outdoors

Practicing a leisure activity takes you through unsuspected natural sites. This is the case when climbing on Cap Bernard , in Saint-Denis. This “cape” points to the west of the capital and dominates the coastal road. Suspended between the blue of the ocean and the blue of the sky, climbing enthusiasts can only marvel at such beauty. Often, the “paille-en-queue” brightens the calm of the mountain with their little piercing cries, above your heads.

The approach walk begins at the top of the Mountain ramps. In 10 minutes of progress through the undergrowth, the air becomes purer, and the only noise comes from the wind in the branches. To appreciate the full panorama of the city, you will have to make an effort and climb on the rock, equipped with a harness and supported by a second person. Once at the top, you will feel like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic, at the bow of the ship, arms wide open to embrace all this space! Under your feet, the rock. In front of you, a miniature city surrounded by the bright colors of the sky and the sea. Note that this introduction to climbing is accessible to everyone! No need to be a top athlete. Trust your instructor and enjoy our wide open spaces!

Are you looking for a more “down to earth” activity, but in a spacious and calming setting? Golf is made for you, particularly the one of Beauséjour, in Sainte-Marie. Located mid-slope, the Beauséjour Sport Club and its instructor welcome you all year round. After an hour of initiation on the driving range with Franck, the instructor, swing and putting green will no longer have any secrets for you! The structure also offers tennis, squash and fitness. The club's restaurant, renowned for its friendly brunches and tapas plates at the end of the day, also offers a clear view of the cane fields and the ocean. Indulge yourself !


In summer, when the temperature “in the lows” is close to 30°, we advise you to try the 9-hole course at the Golf du Colorado . Perched at more than 600m above sea level, it is the highest golf course in Reunion!

To finish this “wide open spaces” section, head to the Sentier Littoral Nord and its cycle path which stretches over 21 kilometers along the coast, between the ocean and sugar canes. An ideal route to enjoy by bike, at your own pace. If you are not equipped, the Yellow Bike service provider will deliver your mountain bike directly to you! Very popular with walkers, cyclists and joggers, this secure space begins at Barachois, at the western entrance to Saint-Denis, and ends at the Saint-Jean River, in Sainte-Suzanne.

A strong emblematic site for the Northern Reunion Urban Community (CINOR), the Sentier Littoral Nord is the subject of all attention, because it has high added tourist value. In fact, it does not lack charm. Numerous engineering structures allow the crossing of small ravines. The Butor footbridge, for example, is undoubtedly an eye-catcher, with its deck suspended by cable stays, giving it a little air of the Golden Gate (the famous suspension bridge in San Francisco).

The site is dotted with multiple “stops”, with water points, sanitary facilities, kiosks to take shelter from the sun or the sometimes capricious trade winds. The Sentier Littoral Nord is clearly an invitation to the outdoors and family gatherings thanks to its playgrounds and green spaces.