North Réunion Intercommunal Tourist Office

ULM or Tyrolean traverse?

Need to get some fresh air for real? Here are two outdoor activities accessible to all and invigorating. You could even decide to do both with a microlight flight at 7 a.m. and a zip line at 10 a.m., since both activities are located in Sainte-Marie.


First, go to the end of the airport runway, near the fishing and marina port of Sainte-Marie. Papangue ULM has been established there for three generations, which shows their level of experience! Jean HILY, is a microlight pilot, but also a helicopter and airplane (aerobatics) pilot. Several tours awaits you.


Want altitude? Dare to climb the Piton des Neiges! Even if it's 29° on the tarmac, when taking off, put on your little woolen coat, because the temperature in the cabin will drop as you gain altitude.


Fan of tropical vegetation? Head to Salazie and the Trou de Fer! What a strange feeling to find yourself surrounded by the gigantic ramparts listed as a World Heritage Site!


Curious and non-walker? Prefer to fly over Mafate, a hikers’ paradise!


Only one certainty: this ULM flight will remain forever engraved in your memory.


Another setting, other sensations at Mille Aventures . The Domaine de la Paix extends over around a hundred hectares, on the slopes of Sainte-Marie. You will be amazed by the gliding flight of the papangues and by the fixed gazes of the deer who live here in complete tranquility. An ideal address to meet up with family or friends, far from the hustle and bustle of the coast. This life-size play park offers, among other things, a 766m zipline descent, with a top speed of almost 90km/h! When it's time for the mega-zipline, your heart will race a little... The adrenaline rush is part of the adventure. So, heading or not heading?