North Réunion Intercommunal Tourist Office

Saint-Denis: "above all, this corner of the earth smiles on me"

Immerse yourself in the heart of the city in a unique cultural atmosphere since within a limited area, you can visit the cathedral, the mosque, the Chinese pagoda and the Tamil temple at the same time! Nothing better to understand the perfect harmony which symbolizes living together in La Reunion.

Cathédrale de Saint Denis


  Then go to the Reflet des Iles restaurant, where you can taste Creole specialties and why not taste (or re-taste) traditional rum? The one who drives is the one who doesn't drink... but you can also simply walk around the city after your lunch.

The shops in the city center guarantee you a change of scenery, sometimes tinged with nostalgia, such as the Bana Frères fabric store at the top of rue Piétonne. More surprisingly, it is not uncommon to hear Hindi spoken in luxury jewelry stores, or Chinese in certain retail stores.

Rue de Paris


To make the most of the famous Rue de Paris, renowned for its Creole residences and imposing trees, we suggest you wait until the end of the day, around 6 p.m. The hustle and bustle of the city gradually disappears, the streets become empty, and you can stroll along this magnificent avenue with its stylish lampposts. The sky glows with the twilight colors symbolic of the tropics, allowing you to take magnificent souvenir photos.

In the evening, choose one of the city's 190 restaurants then treat yourself to a digestive stroll at Barachois. If you are lucky enough to be there on a Thursday evening, the percussion of the roulèrs and the “tchaca-tchac” of the kayambs of the Rond Maloya Association will guide you to the space where musicians and dancers express themselves freely, near the bowling alley. of Barachois. It’s your turn, “rent’ dann’ rond!” » (Join the dance!) and create unforgettable perfect moments!