North Réunion Intercommunal Tourist Office

The places to be

Carré Cathédrale has taken over two alleyways behind the (real) Cathedral, which is listed as a Historic Monument. Here you'll find a host of bars and restaurants. The cohabitation of these two worlds may seem surprising, but each has found its place, and its audience. The waiters at K-té won't tell you otherwise, as they're dressed up as priests! And the members of the Cathedral choir come to relax after their rehearsals in one of the bars on the square.

As you stroll along these cobbled streets, you'll notice that everyone comes here as they are. From suits to beach shorts, from smart tailored suits to two-fingered slippers, the main thing is to meet up with friends and family for a festive evening.


  • Crêperie Saint-Georges: chic restaurant with a sober, classy decor, set in a Creole hut. A very original choice of crêpes.
  • L'Artocarpe: Cosy atmosphere for this restaurant. Exhibition of paintings;
  • Le café Edouard: A highly original decor with misappropriated objects. Large tables for sharing.
  • Le Zarathoustra : Bistronomic cuisine in a stylish old Creole house. Nice selection of wines.
  • La Kafrine: Upmarket Creole cuisine.
  • Le Bedroom: Traditional French cuisine and well-stocked tapas.
  • Le K-té: French bistro spirit
  • La galerie Artéfact: A terrace overlooking the whole district, exhibitions and openings by local and international artists, as well as a wine and cocktail bar.
  • Le Chat Blanc: Beer bar with an open music scene every Sunday, exhibitions and concerts. One of the few bars open on Sundays... A diverse clientele.
  • L'Apoteek: highly original cocktails and top-quality sharing boards.
  • Le 144: A dynamic restaurant offering festive events.


And what about the local colour? Don't worry, the people of Reunion Island didn't wait for Maloya to be declared a World Heritage Site (in 2009) before dancing to the rhythm of the roulèr (the rouleur is a large drum struck with two hands). The programme at TEAT Champ Fleuri and the Cité des Arts includes plenty of local talent. For those who prefer improvised evenings, there's the maloya circle on the Barachois (near the boulodrome) every Thursday evening from 7.30pm. Here, musicians, dancers and singers will be bringing the music of our ancestors to life. Visitors are invited to take to the dance floor! Will you dare to leave your shyness behind and join in this unique and invigorating experience?

Finally, you should know that, far from the urban centres, the seaside areas such as the Port of Sainte-Marie and the coastal strip of the coastal path are often taken over in the evening by Creole families who have come to celebrate an event. The sound system is out and good humour is the order of the day. Savour this other way of spending an evening with friends, under the stars of the southern hemisphere.