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A family picnic in Le Bocage

The picnic tradition offers a fine example of the importance of family in Reunion. Under the giant bamboos of the Bocage in Sainte-Suzanne, each member of the family has their place, from babies to gramoune (elderly people). Forget your ham and butter sandwich. Here, we take out the pots, spices, raw meat and fresh tomatoes for cooking over a wood fire. The essential rice pot has already done its job early in the morning, and the rice will simply be reheated on site.


Dominoes fans sit on the tables, children take advantage of the space to play ball, teenagers deplore the lack of network, while adults prepare the spices for the rougail. A picnic can begin at 8 a.m. and end at sunset, the tropical climate lending itself well to these days outdoors.


The presence of the Sainte-Suzanne River brings a bucolic and refreshing touch to this idyllic picture of a family Sunday.