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The Tamil religion entered La Reunion as soon as slavery was abolished, with the arrival of the first indentured laborers, in particularly precarious conditions. These committed people had the freedom to exercise their religion and temples multiplied on the island.

Hinduism is a set of religions which accept the principles derived from sacred books, the main ones being the Vedas which deliver prayers and rituals. There are also important books, such as the Mahabharata or the Ramayana, which are written in different languages ??such as Sanskrit, Tamil, Bengali.

These religions are based on the belief in a trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, symbolizing respectively creation, protection of life and destruction. They are based on the teaching of several sages who achieved communion with God.

This religion is characterized by colorful aesthetics and sacred architecture. This richness can be verified in the places where the faithful gather to invoke God: the temple, called Kôvil or Koylou. In this sacred place, prayers to God invoke him in one of his multiple forms, called the Devas, such as Ganesha, Mourouga or Shiva. There are different styles of temples but which follow the same layout criteria. After the entrance tower, it is the place of offerings intended for the Gods. Next comes the Kodi-Maram which carries the flag representing the vehicle of the divinity. Beyond lies the Mandapam, a large hall where the assembly of the faithful is held. Finally stand the altars dedicated to the Devas.


  • Saint-Denis
    • Hindu temple Kalikambal
  • Sainte-Marie
    • Kalou Mariammen de la Mare Temple
  • Sainte-Suzanne
    • Waterfront chapel
    • Cascade Délices Ashram