North Réunion Intercommunal Tourist Office


The first Muslim Indians came to look for work in La Réunion around 1860. They came from Gujarat a province located on the west coast of India. The island seemed promising to them, so they returned to bring their family and friends a few years later. The flow of Indo-Muslim immigration reached its peak at the beginning of the 20th century. These Indians of Muslim religion were nicknamed “Zarabes” to distinguish them from Tamil Indians.

 The practice of Islam is shared between several currents. The Muslims of Réunion are mostly Sunni. A Shiite community appeared on the island in 1972, coming from Madagascar, and the Comorians exiled  on the island also imported their Muslim faith. The first mosque in France dates from 1905, and was built in Saint-Denis. Today, there are around fifteen on the island, most often in the center of towns. The Muslim community is active and very fervent. At the call of the Muezzin, the faithful meet five times a day to pray...

 Many associations have been created to ensure better knowledge of Islam. Mosques are places of intense faith. The interior is simple and serene,  ideal for meditation and communion of spirit. There are a few rules to follow during visits: show up with your legs and arms covered. You must also take off your shoes at the entrance.


Saint Denis

Noor Al Islam Grand Mosque


Duparc Mosque