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La Roche Ecrite, a timeless classic

This is certainly one of the most beautiful trails to discover the layers of La Réunion’s tropical vegetation. At the start of the trail, you pass through a cryptomeria forest. Also called “Creole fir trees”, these conifers are used by the ONF to make fences, panelling, shingles and formwork wood. From an altitude of 1900m, the forest of colored wood extends from the heights. The particularly humid atmosphere of this forest allows the development of numerous endemic species including the remarkable tree fern. Be careful, the path is often muddy and therefore slippery!

After an hour of walking, you will see some tamarinds, and calumets (native bamboos) in the undergrowth.

Walk pass the path that leads down to the Bois de Nèfles and, around 20 minutes later, at the Roche Ecrite lodge (approximately 2 hours after the start) nestled in the heart of the tamarind forest of the heights. Be attentive, it is not uncommon to observe the silent flight of a papangue, our local buzzard.

Leaving the lodge, you continue your climb through the tree heaths which the altitude makes more stunted. After about 1 hour of walking, take the path on the right and go up towards the summit of Roche Ecrite. You will then have a magnificent view of the Salazie cirque.

Please note, the descent to Salazie is for experienced hikers!

If you are accompanied by children, it’s betterto plan an overnight stay at the Roche Ecrite lodge. You will then be able to begin the last part of the hike early in the morning, after a good night's rest.



To enjoy the magnificent landscapes, you can spend a night at the Plaine des Chicots lodge then restart your ascent very early the next day to the summit. Generally, clouds cover the peaks around midday, especially during the austral summer.

The Roche Ecrite massif is home to an endemic bird, unique in the world: the tuit-tuit.



  • Altitude : 2 277 m
  • Elevation gain: 1,100m
  • Difficulty: + + +
  • Walking time: 3h30 (one way)



By car: follow the D 42 until Brûlé, cross the village leaving the church on your left, then take the forest road (around 5 km) until it ends: the Mamode Camp car park. Trailhead from the parking lot.

By bus: Citalis network, n°12 to the “Bassin Couderc” stop. Taxi Bus 12A connection to the terminus.